“The power of IMPEC is that the independent approach can be put at work in any country to help governments to be more effective and therefore legitimize their policy. I encourage professionals from other EU countries to join the IMPEC expertiseplatform."

Roeland van de Geer (ambassador in South Africa for the European Union)

"Carlo Bakker has built an impressive high quality network both in the Netherlands and in South Africa. He connects the president, ministers, academics and CEO’s, but the wellbeing of citizens remains the heart of the matter."

Rob de Vos (former ambassador for The Netherlands in South Africa, 2007 – 2011)

As former Chief Commissioner of the Dutch National Police Agency (KLPD), I recognize the fact that good governance, and a safe and secure environment for citizens and corporations are key for economic growth in a country."

Peter van Zunderd (Chair IMPEC advisory board)

"The Legacy of Apartheid and the inequalities that it entrenched have confronted the South African Government with major challenges that will take many years to fully overcome. A key aspect of the Government’s ability to translate its policies into actual service delivery, and to achieve the socio-economic development that is required, is a continuous process of performance monitoring and evaluation."

Peter Goossen (South African ambassador in the Netherlands)




To have a greater impact on the quality of people’s daily lives, we need social and economic growth that includes all levels of society (Inclusive growth). This can only be achieved if the public- and private sectors combine their strengths, to bridge the gap between governmental policies and public service delivery.

IMPEC specializes in effective and efficient governance and public service delivery. Different than most consultancy companies (whom work with company-employed advisors), IMPEC works with a selected ‘IMPEC expertise team’ consisting of representatives from various governmental agencies, universities, public- and private sectors. Working with a varied composition is a highly effective approach to achieve the independent and collective progress that governments aim to achieve.


The “IMPEC solution” is based on the principle of ‘sharing good examples’.

People can learn from each other by sharing good examples within different policy areas such as; education, trade & industry, foreign affairs, agriculture, health, treasury, human settlement and security & safety. And by doing so, finding a roadmap to achieve better public service delivery. Our goal is to expand the ‘IMPEC solution’ to other countries that have identified similar needs for bridging the gap between government policies and public service delivery. Our solutions are ‘driven by performance’. 


  • Evaluation: “How to assess the social-economic impacts of government policies?”Rather than developing new methodologies, we connect existing data (collection methods) into a clearly legible and useful overview, which policy-makers can employ as input for implementing new and more successful policies.
  • Education: “A roadmap toward excellent performance”From the evaluation results, we develop a roadmap that can be used as a step-by-step guide on how to become an example of excellent public service delivery.Our education program includes both online (e-governance) and off-line (master-class) education tools. 
  • Communication: “Sharing examples of good governance and citizen service delivery”. Celebrating successes and sharing them with others. Utilizing examples in which things are already working, is a positive approach that motivates departments to celebrate and exchange successful policies.