“A key aspect of the Government’s ability to translate its policies into actual service delivery and required socio-economic development, is a continuous process of performance monitoring and evaluation”.

Peter Goosen 

(South African ambassador in the Netherlands)


“IMPEC’s independent approach can be put at work in any country to help governments to be more effective. I encourage professionals from other EU countries to join the IMPEC expertise platform.”

Roeland van de Geer

(ambassador in South Africa for the European Union)

“The Hague - well known as international city for peace, justice and security - welcomes the IMPEC head-office. It is an asset for our city and it fits very well with the other international organizations founded in The Hague.”

Henk Kool
(Deputy Mayor of The Hague)

“good governance, and a safe and secure environment for citizens and corporations are key for economic growth in a country”

Peter van Zunderd
(Chair IMPEC advisory board)



IMPEC – Independent Monitoring Performance Expertise Center – is an international consortium of more than 700 highly motivated professionals from all disciplines, that develops and offers proven performance monitoring and evaluation methods for governments.

IMPEC brings together scientific thinking, multidisciplinary expertise and community input, to improve government performance. Working together in transparent and performance driven collaboration will lead to more service delivery to citizens.

IMPEC offers governments an independent single point of entry to enhance the quality of government, contribute to society and increase the public trust level and welfare.


IMPEC stands for:

INDEPENDENT multi-disciplinary platform of International professionals  working together on public performance.

MONITORING and evaluation of national and local government performance in all policy areas, using proven and innovative methodologies including social and new media  

PERFORMANCE improvement at all levels of government, leading to better service delivery to citizens to enhance public welfare and well being, and to increase trust in government.

EXPERTISE and services in policy advise, project financing, project management, research, monitoring and evaluation, communication, training, realization.

CENTER of excellence for more than 700 international experts and professionals in 40 countries, offering complete performance monitoring and evaluation (PME) solutions in all policy areas.